Friday, January 27, 2006

The Little Boy Who Cried "Dinosaur!"

Once upon a time there was a little boy who thought it was stupid to cry “wolf!” He decided to cry “dinosaur!” instead. After all, dinosaurs are much larger and faster than wolves and have bigger teeth. The little boy decided it ought to scare people a lot more if he yelled, “dinosaur!”

It didn’t work out that way. People got tired of him yelling “Dinosaur!” all the time. Worse, the dinosaurs became worried he would call attention to them. “Everybody thinks we’re extinct” they muttered, “and we like it that way. No taxes, no door to door solicitors, etc.” But this kid yelling “dinosaur!” all the time, that made them nervous. People might notice.


The dinosaurs told the wolves to eat him.

Moral of the story—worry about the real stuff that’s scary enough and don’t try to stir up trouble over things that don’t exist.

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pat o said...

i have six grandkids and this story is so great-i laughed out loud thanks